What Does Unlimited Design Mean?

There are no tricks, gimmicks, or play on words. We stand behind our Unlimited Requests promise, and we stick to it.

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  • Request anything related to print/digital

  • You’re protected by a Full-Refund Policy

  • No contracts, or hidden fees

Hire a graphic designer within 15 minutes! It’s that really easy!

Samir Ayers

CEO at Overlap Vitamins

What Are The Stages From The Signup Process To Request?

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What Info Do I Need To Provide?

We realize that some requests will be as small as changing a colour. However, when tasks are a bit more complicated, here are some tips to consider when requesting :

Size / Dimension


Are you designing an Instagram timeline ad, or a story ad? Is it a XXS shirt, or an oversized postcard? All our designs start with the proper dimensions, as it will determine the the placement of text and graphics.

Graphics Placement


Do you give us full creativity, or do you have some guidelines? Do you want your logo on the top right corner? Text on the left? Does your industry have certain graphic standards that need to be followed?



Is this request something brand new, or did you take inspiration from somewhere? Are there previous designs which are similar that you want us to make recreate? Is there a template that that you want us to edit?

“My company is absolutely blown away with the results we are getting from Alex Rescue! How do we know it’s working? Our customers are talking more about us and noticing the changes, which results in more sales!”

Gaétane Prokhor

CEO at Pack Up Protein! (PUP!) – Google Review

Alex Rescue

Your Graphic Designer

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Harness The Power Of
Virtual Graphic Design

Just imagine, no HR, no interviews, no drama. In a few clicks, Alex Rescue gives you access to a professional designer who is ready to jump into your creative ecosystem and brand.

We equip marketing leaders

While Freelancers have their space in the Graphic Design world, they aren’t (in our opinion) your best option when it comes to requesting daily projects.

With Alex Rescue you get projects send back the next day, a lot of times the very same day. With Freelancers it might take up to a week.

With Alex Rescue you have a monthly flat fee, while Freelancers will charge you per project, and per revision. Finally, if we divide out monthly fee into daily pricing, it’s only around $32 a day.

We dare you to find a Freelancer who will work for that price, with the same quality.

We don’t work on anything related to 3D CAD designs, no coding of any kind, no website design, no animation, no large design projects, and finally no video graphics.

Once the payment is made, your month starts until the same date of the next month. Since there are no contracts, you don’t get charge for the following month until you make another payment.

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“We use to have a company that we hired to do graphic design for us but they charge us per project. Our bill would always be $2600+ a month. After hiring Alex, our bill is always the same. $970 a month. This is great because now we know how much funds we need to allocate to graphic design. There are no surprises.”

Melissa Dean Client
Melissa Dean

Marketing Consultant Expert – Pump Up Protein

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Alex Rescue

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