About VitaSupport™

Founded in 2015, VitaSupport is located in Markham, Ontario, and carries over 40 SKUs. To be different, unique, and have a great unique selling proposition, VitaSupport decided to focus on the most important vitamins and minerals that the body requires.

They have products for Magnesium, Calcium, Vitamin C, Vitamin B-12, Omega-3, Vitamin D, Iron, Potassium, Vitamin A, Co-Q10, and other important vitamins. This makes sure that they fully take care of their target market whenever they need a boost in a certain vitamins.

Most importantly, VitaSupport is all about quality-first. This means that there products fall under the ultra-luxury market where a full-multivitamin of a competitor might cost between around $25, there full multi-vitamin starts at $110 for the smallest size.

Yes, it is very expensive, and yes they are fully aware of it. However, they’re whole philosophy is delivering the best of the best. Which is why they always recommend to visit a doctor before and after starting their vitamins so they will see the huge improvement after they go in for another blood test.

“As of right now we actually have two subscriptions with Alex Rescue for double the output because we have a lot of projects and need all hands on board. It is still significantly less expansive than hiring even a single graphic designer. Here we get two PROFESSIONAL graphic designers for the of half of a price of full-time graphic designer.”

Lian Liuxian

Senior Sales Representative at VitaSupport

What have VitaSupport™ requested in the past year?

VitaSupport is definitely one of our most requested clients (and we are not complaining). In fact, they love our work so much that they signed up a second graphic designer from Alex Rescue to help out with even more projects! In other words, just as the company grows, so do the demands. They looked at their numbers and realised that it would be a smart investment to get a second virtual graphic designer on board.

This means that they are still only contacting a single person, but now they have doubled their output. The best part? It is still a better option then hiring one full time in-house graphic designer! You are stills saving nearly 50% on average on monthly basis, and get two professional graphic designers working from you! All of their requests can be broken down into three general categories, they are:

  • Print Graphic Design

  • Digital Graphic Design

  • General Graphic Design Support

New Logo Design

VitaSupport is branching out into a new line to target pets and needed a new logo design that included a black and white version, or a multi-coloured version. Once the logo was approved, 7 SKUs were added under that logo.

Current Logo Edits

Pantone colours needed to be changed a bit to reflect the upgraded branding

Package Design

Two product line and multiple SKUs had to be created. Some packaged were small boxes, while others were more complicated shapes.

Label Design

Each package design was accompanied by a label design. Text was provided to us, and we took care of the rest. Most challenging part was to work on extra-small labels that required size 4 font.

In-Store Graphics

With every SKU, there were complimentary graphics made to be delivered to each store that purchased a minimum amount. Such graphics included floor banners, window banners, shelf stickers, POS stickers, in-store sell sheets, and bottle stands.

Image Removal

Sometimes certain photos were taken (like products, around the office, virtual meetings, images for instagram, etc.) and something had to be edited out because it didn’t look good, or didn’t belong.

Office Graphics

Anything from a window banner, to changing the colour of carpets and walls as a mockup to see how it would look like if they would have done it. Also included signage, way-finding, and sign-in sheets.

Outdoor Signs

When a new store would open up, or a store would purchase a minimum monthly amount of products, VitaSupport would deliver them outdoor signs to promote their stores. This was perfect for increasing foot traffic.


Each SKU required a brochure of its own, with its own pictures and branding. Some brochures had multiple SKUs if they belonged to the same family, or if there was a promotion on a certain line (i.e. “For Vegas”, “For Teenagers”, “For Stressful People”, etc.)

Sell Sheets

Every SKU required a sell sheet to promote it. First, there was the multi-page sell sheet which went into detail about the SKU, who might need it, how it would benefit them, and how to take it. Second, there was a one-page sell sheet for quick notes, and finally there were monthly sell sheets for different promotions.

Apparel Design

Shirts, Hoodies, Hats, Gloves, Scarves, and much more were designed with company branding, slogans, and colours. This was given to all the staff, and to all the stores and their staff.

Business Cards

Slight edits were made to the card, and new additions every time a new person has joined the company.

Magazine Ad Design

Every month a new ad was designed for a few magazines, depending on the demographic of the magazine and what product was currently being promoted. Text and images were provided, and we took care of the rest.

Kraft Bag Design

When people purchase VitaSupport from stores, they get custom VitaSupport bags to hold their products.

Bottle Stickers

Sometimes it was a one sided stickers, other times it was a mini multi-page brochure stickers talking about the product and its benefits.

Instagram Timeline Design

Having an Instagram account now is like having a website. It’s a must. Different graphics were requested for different parts of the year, different promotional periods and different instances. Sometimes it was promoting a product, something it’s to create a birthday post, a quote, or a mockup graphic of a product.

Instagram Story Design

Just like with timeline, story is part of Instagram branding that needed to be continued. Here we created graphics for more of the behind-the-scenes stuff. VitaSupport provided us images on daily basis of their virtual meetings, their stores, their production facility, and we created perfectly-fit images with captions.

Monthly Market Report

An easy to understand monthly market report with graphics that is being sent out to all the sales representatives to show what products need to be pushed more, what products are low in stock, what is being discontinued for a couple of months, monthly sales, monthly profits, quarterly goals, etc.

Blog Graphics

VitaSupport wrote a new blog every 2-3 days about their products, current trending health topics, and interviews with industry experts. They are always in need of blog graphics to support their text.

Image Editing

Sometimes products needed to to be coloured correct, or certain images didn’t look as good and a little Photoshop was required to fix certain images.

Background Removal

When new photos of products arrived and they needed background removal so they can be placed in ads, website, and social media. Also, when new people joined the company and got their headshots taken and needed background to be remove

Social Events Graphics

They had their virtual Christmas party, virtual monthly social events, virtual trivia nights, virtual meetings, virtual industry speakers, and everything required graphics. Some are more personal, some are just simple text graphics, some are industry memes.

Simple Video Cuts

Sometimes they would record a video that is over a minute long and need it to be under 60 seconds to it would fit into a single Instagram slide.

Going Forward

As their company grows, so have the requests. Looking at all the projects that we have completed for it, it is fair to say that we have done (almost?) everything under the sun with it comes to graphic design and the vitamin industry. Sometimes its a learning process, and other times it’s a quick 5 word emails on what they need and we already know it should look like.

Just like with all graphic design requests, at the start it is always a bit slow with constant changes. It’s the process of learning. Every company has its own brand standards and guidelines, and end of the day, graphic design is just like music, some people like a certain type.

We try out best to recognise the patterns and adapt as soon as we can, and that is why we can say with confidence that our clients love our work and stay with us for a long time!

“In a single month I’ve asked for a multi-page brochure, instagram posts, window banners, a sell sheet design for a specific store, three mockup labels, and stickers. There are 22 other sales representatives asking for the same thing. I can’t even imagine how much it would cost if VitaSupport hired a graphic designer that would charge per project. This is simply amazing!”

Domas Norman

Senior Sales Representative at VitaSupport

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