About Overlap Vitamins

We’re a small vitamin company located in North York that specialise in single vitamins only. In other words you’ll find the highest quality vitamins you can get on the market from Vitamin A all the way to Vitamin Z.  Our core customers are people from all walks of life who need specific vitamins that were either prescribed by their doctor or they feel they might need it after medical examination.

Why did you hire Alex Rescue?

If my memory serves me well, back in 2017 Alex was a one-man army without any help (just like all businesses, we all have to start somewhere). At that point all I had was an idea of a vitamin company that I want to start. I knew the suppliers and the manufacturers, however, I didn’t have anyone to bring this idea to life.

I found Alex through a friend of mine. I told her about my idea and asked her if she knew any graphic designers who might help me out, and she recommended Alex right away. I decided to give him a call and we had a very long conversation on where I described to him what I was going after, what my company might be about, and what I want to focus on.

I also gave a phone call to 3 different graphic design agencies, and looking up freelancers on UpWork and Fiverr.

The reason I didn’t like a graphic design agency is because it was way to expansive for me at that time. They started at $3000/month, and I had to sign up for multiple months because all of them assured me that it would be a project that will take a few months to complete.

This was a bit scary for me because what if by the end of the first month I don’t like it? What if something happens to me and I don’t want to work on this company any more? For a person to find nearly $10,000 and give to a company where you have no sales coming in, is a lot of money!

So that idea was scratched right away.

I tried going to UpWork and Fiverr and finding freelancers to work with me. Some pricing was fantastic! I found a freelancer who would do a label for me for $40 and I thought to myself, “What a steal!” And decided to go with him.

Let me tell you really quickly about my experience with a freelancer I had from Fiverr.

On Monday I sent in the request of what I wanted with a label, on Thursday he got back to me that he will start on the project shortly. The following Monday I received a sought draft that needed a lot of editing. I asked him to make a few changes and he said that it would cost extra. Paid another $40 and waited another week. The following Monday rolls around, and the label looks worse than before.

I spent nearly three weeks waiting for a label, I got a design that isn’t good for print, not followed by instructions, and overall a bad experience where we communicated three times. Sure, I spent only $80 on it, but the amount of headache that went with it, it wasn’t worth it.

How did it begin?

I then decided to give Alex a shot to see what he was all about, and I was honestly shocked when we started working together. He designed the label within days, it was nearly perfect with minor changes that I didn’t tell him before (100% my fault).

Right away it was money well spent. Even if all I got out of him is this one label, it was worth it.

But that didn’t stop there. Alex told me that since he made it like a template, I can now request other vitamins on the label just as a mockup to see how it would look like. Fast forward to the end of the month, and I had 8 labels that are good to go for print, it was incredible!

Another BIG thing that I want to point out is Alex makes all his designs good for print if requested. This is huge! Because if you send something to the printer and they say that it’s not good for print, you need to send it back for revisions. This can cost you a couple of days, and when timelines are tight, a couple of days might hurt you a lot.

“What other option do you really have? It’s either a full-time graphic designer starting at $50,000 a year, or Alex Rescue for a fraction of that. You just need to ask yourself how much graphic design will you really be requesting?”

Samir Ayers

Overlap Vitamins – CEO

What did Alex Rescue help you with the most?

It’ll be easier to name you the stuff that Alex Rescue didn’t help me with. Honestly. 3 years is a lot of time and we have requested absolutely everything under the sun. We have requested labels, sell sheets, in-store promotions, window banners, social media ads (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram). We have requested sticker, exhibit graphics, foil graphics, tent cards, folders, flyers, I don’t even know. We requested to Photoshop our staff into each other for a Christmas game that we did one year.

Overall, the most important things that Alex has helped us with were:

  • Graphic design for labels, and product mockup

  • Graphic design for sell sheets and promotional material

  • Graphic design for in-store graphics

I’m honestly blown away by how much we’ve requested, and how great it has been having a flat monthly fee for graphic design.

Because when I started this business, I didn’t even have an office, everything was done from my basement. Of course the manufacturing, shipping and packaging were done in a Health Canada approve site, but all the paperwork, the billing, the invoices, everything was done in my basement.

Looking back now, I couldn’t imagine hiring a full-time (or even a part-time) graphic designer and letting them sit in my basement. It’s not fair for them, and I personally wouldn’t have enjoyed it.

This is why I like working with Alex. Even though he (and his team now) is a virtual graphic designer, he is still a local from Toronto. That means he understands our market, and understands the trends that are happening in Toronto.

Label Design

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Sell Sheets

Prom proper typography, to Pantone colours, to proper labelling and adding images.

In-Store Graphics

Prom proper typography, to Pantone colours, to proper labelling and adding images.

How is Overlap Vitamins now?

Alex is fully aware of this, but right now we have a full marketing department on our team. We have a Marketing Director, Marketing Manager, and two full in-house Graphic Designers who help grow Overlap Vitamins on daily basis.

Why use Alex Rescue for so long?

Alex has been with me from the start, and he designed some amazing labels for me. There is no reason why I shouldn’t keep him on board since he is producing quality content for me on daily basis.

More importantly, I think the current success of our branding is because of Alex, and here is why. All of us in the company drink the same Kool-aid. We attend the same trade shows, we see the same ads, we talk to the same people.

Having Alex on our roster allows us to get access to a graphic designer who is an outside source, who designs stuff for other companies and has inspirations beyond the vitamin world. I think this is very important because we sometimes get stuck on a label and just send it to Alex.

He sends up back a design that we didn’t even think off, simply because our mind is already moulded a certain way and its very hard to change it. I will have Alex helping me for a very long time.

“Alex Rescue has been the best investment I’ve made with this company. Results are within hours, the quality is superb, and the customer service is fantastic! Every small business needs to get Alex Rescue!”

Samir Ayers

Overlap Vitamins – CEO

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