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Working with entrepreneurs is always exciting! They are always full of bright and cool ideas, innovative marketing strategies, and most important, they want to make the world a better place through vitamins and supplements.

After working in the health industry for 9 years, Maria wanted to start her own vitamin company that focuses on the prenatal part of the vitamin world. This would include a lineup of vitamins before having a baby, during the pregnancy stages, and post pregnancy.

Her challenge was that all she had was an idea and a name of the company. In other words, she would absolutely need everything designed when it comes to the vitamin world.

The Challenge

We have worked with quite a few new vitamin entrepreneurs before, and we know how stressful it can get at times. Besides thinking of all the different design aspects that need to be complete, you also have to do all the paperwork, find the suppliers, find the manufactures, find the printers, find stores that will sell your product, and about 100 other things.

It is a challenging process, but in our opinion, it is a very rewarding process. With that being said, after our initial phone call, and a few emails we came to the conclusion together on what needs to be done for the company first, and what will need to be done in the long term.

“When I was hired as a Marketing Manager for Natur Haus, I never knew that services like Alex Rescue even exists! It’s so easy to get started, and my requests get worked on immediately! Even at 9PM on a Friday!”

Corrie Melton

Marketing Manager

Team working

Logo Design and Branding

We first had to come up with a logo design for Natur Haus. Maria had a lot if inspiration that she has gather prior to our start, and helped us with the design of it.

We picked fonts and colours that would best compliment the overall brand of the company, and to also relate to her target market. Additionally, we kept the branding really light with a lot of white space to give it a clean and light look.

Label and Package Design

Creating labels and the package design for any company is a lot of fun! It becomes twice as fun when it’s a brand new company without prior branding.

Maria from Naur Haus has requested 3 labels in total, and 3 boxes (packaging) to accompany the labels. Natur Haus has provided us with the text, and what information should go on the front of the label, and we took care of the rest. The files were print ready, and were sent to the printers after they were approved.

Sell Sheets

Each SKU had its own custom designed sell sheets that included a brochure with all the feature and benefits of the ingredients, and a master sell sheet that contained all SKUs together with the prices.

Furthermore, for each month, a new sell sheet was created to do different promotions that complimented it.

Store Graphics

It is no secret that just like any business owner, health food stores want to sell items that are popular, that are quality, and that offer great branding.

For our store graphics we have done window banners, floor signage, and door signage to make sure store visitors see it right away when they come in.

We have also designed graphics to be used next to the POS system, on the table, and small in store promotions where it’s allowed.

Going Forward

They Are On They’re 27th Month, and we honestly think that it’s a true Canadian entrepreneur success story! Maria has started with just an idea, and believe us when we’ll tell you that even if she didn’t use Alex Rescue Graphic Design, she would have still be super successful because of her drive! We thought we work a lot of hours. We honestly think she doesn’t even sleep.

After 27 months of being with us, we seen a huge transformation of Natur Haus! What started as an idea, is now a full company with full time staff, and 12 SKUs. We are helping Natur Haus with all their graphics, their new labels, and any graphical requests they have.

“We use Alex Rescue for any kind of graphic related project. Projects that take 30 seconds, 30 minutes, and 3 hours. Everything is done with quality, and speed.”

Antoine Cummings

Marketing Consultant

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