The Challenge

A delicious breakfast joint in Toronto, Foodpacker, opened up a couple of years ago. They offer high quality, organic breakfast options, and a to-go menu. While they have steady traffic and quality ingredients, just like every business they want to do more because they know their staff can support it.

What they wanted?

Foodpacker wanted to expand their overall marketing and graphic design. They knew that they have a lot of potential for growth, however with working “8 days a week” in the restaurant, they got lost with what they could do.

A common dilemma that a lot of business owners have. They know absolutely everything about their business and about the industry. They could tell where every ingredient came from, what is currently trending in the food world, what their competitors are doing, but don’t have enough capacity to start executing graphic design tasks.

When they were looking for a virtual graphic designer to join their team, they wanted someone who can design flyers for them, a new take out menu, an outdoor sandwich board, social media, and weekly special graphics.

In other words, everything that large scale restaurants do on regular basis.

“Before Alex Rescue, we didn’t advertise our specials very well and sometimes they wouldn’t sell so we had to throw them out. After we hired Alex Rescue, all our promotions have been a success!”

Richard Taylor

Owner & Chef at Foodpacker

Our Initial Phone Call

During our first phone call, Foodpacker explained to us everything they wanted to design, and asked is if we could help them. They told us that they have very tight timelines because of the weekly specials and they need the turnaround to be fairly quick.

They also wanted to make sure that we’ve dealt with restaurants before as there is a certain “science” when it comes to designing outdoor sandwich boards, menus, and flyers.

During the phone call we have identified three main points that Foodpacker was struggling with:

  • Weekly item rotation graphics

  • Social media presence

  • Menu update and maintenance

After our phone call, we came to conclusion that they should send us their inspiration and designs ideas that they hand in mind.

With everything in place, we started to work. The projects came in almost immediately after the payment was made, and the first sandwich board design was sent back to them the very same day. They told us that they don’t want anything complicated, just simple and clean design that can be seen from far away.

After that we started to work on their Instagram account as this is what they are focusing on the most. Their timeline started to look more unified and consistent. We also brushed up on some of the food images that they post, because end of the day, we do eat with our eyes first.

Menu Design

Our task was to update the current menu design, and do consistent maintenance on it to keep up wth the specials.

Instagram Branding

We made sure the graphic for their Instagram account is clean, hip, and fresh looking, just like their restaurant.

In-Store Signage

Designing on consistent basis window banners, point of sale graphics, bathroom graphics, sandwich boards, and to-go menu.

Marketing Project

Going Forward

We got on the same page fairly quickly because we have worked with restaurants, and bakeries before. We know the challenges they face, and the problems they have when it comes to graphic design. We knew exactly what they are asking for, including the proper paper dimensions, fonts, and colour combinations.

After First Three Months

We have delivered everything that was requested by Foodpacker, and more! With our help, there was a month where they added almost $12,000 in revenue just because of new in-store and social media promotions. If you ask us, a $500 graphic design investment to get a $12,000 return is a pretty good deal!

They Are On They’re 11th Month

And we think (and hope lol) that they couldn’t be happier with us. At this point, we have visited them in person many times, they know us, we know them. We make suggestions, they give us daily tasks, we work very well together. At this point, we hardly talk to the owners as they are busy with opening more locations and working on the business. We usually deal with their marketing manager who tells us what to do.

It’s absolutely fantastic! This means that the business is expanding and they are doing well. Wishing them a lot of success in the near and distant future!

“The best thing about having a Graphic Designer? Our menu and marketing is inline with current events. Trending Hashtag? World Event? Big News? We can get an ad for it within 24 hours that someone reflects our food, and our customers absolutely love it!”

Judy Nguyen

Owner at Foodpacker

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