The Challenge

Starkey Real Estate is a small brokerage in Toronto that specializes in referrals. As they company grew they realised that adding quality graphic design to their branding will benefit them greatly. Their biggest challenge was to find an affordable graphic designer with quality graphic designer.

Furthermore, since they have a virtual office, their hired graphic designer would have to be working from home all the time, which a lot of people might not like. This because some people require the office camaraderie, to be around co-workers, and working on teams.

They also had a very tight budget that didn’t allow them to hire a full-time graphic designer. This was due to the fact that they knew they wouldn’t be able to give them enough work to keep them busy 5 days a week with graphic design.

What they wanted?

Starkey Real Estate prides itself it having very family oriented real estate agents that understand the needs and wants of a modern family. They know what home might be better for certain kind of families, and which might be worse. They have the latest statistics and neighbourhood analysis and know the near future of each area.

As they started to offer such quality services, their business started to grow dramatically. They knew that having a dedicated graphic designer on their team is a must if they want to move forward. This is because they understood that real estate is a very visual thing and a people buy with their eyes.

Their most popular marketing material that would be worked on is sell sheets, presentation folders, post cards, door-knockers, buyer/seller guides, and listing presentations.

“We definitely started to do a lot more marketing material than before. On numerous occasions we have done a Just Sold postcard that returned us a new client. Imagine that? A monthly graphic design investment, that returned us a 1.4 million dollar home for sale. That is what I call a smart investment in graphic design!”

Corrie Melton

Starkey Real Estate, Broker

Team working

Our Initial Phone Call

During our first phone call, Starkey Real Estate explained to us everything they wanted to design, and asked is if we could help them. They told us that they have very tight timelines because of when the photographers take the photos, when the house information will be available, when it goes for sale, and when it’s sold, and with that they will need fairly quick turnarounds on projects.

They also wanted to make sure that we’ve dealt with real estate agents before as there is certain “unwritten” guidelines that should be followed, like what photos go where, what fonts should be used, what text needs to be included, what theme they are going for, etc.

During the phone call we have identified three main points that Starkey Real Estate was struggling with:

  • Presentation Folders

  • Just Listed / Just Sold Postcards

  • Listing Presentations

After our phone call, we came to conclusion that they should send us their inspiration and designs ideas that they hand in mind.

With everything in place, we started to work. The projects came in almost immediately after the payment was made, and the first Just Sold postcard design was sent back to them the very same day. They told us that they don’t want anything complicated, just simple and clean design that represented their branding.

After that we became in-sync with them quite fast as branding has to be 100% consistent with very little deviation from the original. That means once the template is complete, replacing images and text is quite easy, and very fast! This was music to their ears as speed and quality is what they were after.

Presentation Folders

Folders had to have a cover page, text area, should have 12 images, and a back page for agent information.

Listing Presentation

Four-page brochure that showcased how a Starkey Real Estate agent would help sell the property.

Just Listed Postcards

Had to be designed in two different sizes, front and back, with consistent branding and 2 text layouts.

Going Forward

We got on the same page fairly quickly because we have worked with real estate agents and brokerages before. We know the challenges they face, and the problems they have when it comes to graphic design. We knew exactly what they are asking for, including the proper paper dimensions, fonts, branding, and colour combinations.

After First Three Months

We have delivered everything that was requested by Starkey, and more! With our help they know produce a lot more marketing material than they have before. This has translated to more sales and more recognition on the market. They even had some agents join the brokerage because they liked their branding.

They Are On They’re 22nd Month

And we absolutely love it! We are so happy to be a part of the Starkey growth from where they were when we joined them, to where they are now. From doing very little in Graphic Design, to now having constant and consistent layout of how each branding element needs to look out, and what should be requested with a new property.

We’re very happy that they have given us (virtual graphic design) a chance and so far no regrets (we think lol). We will revisit them again when they hit their 36-month mark, and we’ll do a “3 Year Review”.

“My referrals started to grow a lot when we got Alex Rescue on board. My new clients call me because they know I will be offering a lot more marketing and graphic design material then any other brokerage. This means their home will be sold faster and for more money!”

Antoine Cummings

Starkey Real Estate, Agent

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