About Creek and Mill

Creek and Mill were one of our very first clients that we ever started working with. For such a large company to give trust to a no namer like us (back then) was a huge shock! We almost slipped and asked them, “Are you sure you really want to work with us?”. But I guess everyone deserves a chance, and they took one on us.

Creek and Mill is a vitamin manufacturing company

If for example you’d like to start selling Vitamin C, they can supply it to you. They first will ask you from what region you want Vitamin C deliver, and will provide you with benefits of each region. Then they will ask you in what format you’d like to get Vitamin C, as in pills, or powder, or liquid, or maybe even gel?

Once that is done, they will ask you what kind if packaging you are interested in, and how you want it shipped. They can also make custom formulas for you. Maybe you’d want Vitamin C and Vitamin B12 in one capsule? Maybe you want some some sort of protein powder, or BCAAs, or something related to mushrooms.

In short, Creek and Mill is a massive supplier for all kinds of vitamins.

Best part is that they have a white label division which helps a lot of new companies and entrepreneurs to get started on small budgets, and they will take care of absolutely everything. Which means that you don’t even need to have an office, they will make it, package it, and even deliver it to your location.

How great is that?

“Before Alex Rescue, we didn’t advertise our new products very well and sometimes they wouldn’t sell so we had to get rid of them eventually, as they expired. After we hired Alex Rescue, all our promotions have been successful!”

Kairav Acharya

Marketing Director at Creek and Mill

The Challenge

Creek and Mill are absolutely amazing at what they do on the manufacturing side! They have in-house people who can help with the formulas right away, and had that part of the business figured out. What they were struggling with a bit is to show the standard mock templates on mock bottles and packaging. In other words, when a business wants to order the the bottles, they want to see how potentially their label will look like on it. With that being said, we had our initial phone call with the company, and had a few emails back and forth.

During those emails they showed us the most popular requests that they get from their clients, they showed us what was previously done, and also what they were hoping to achieve.

  • Label Templates

  • Social Media Graphics

  • Direct Mail

Label Templates

Every time a new bottle shape comes out, we need to create a templated label for it. This label is usually divided into three parts, which includes the middle-front panel, and the two side panels. It also includes the smallest size possible for a UPC code, and sample text to show hot it would look like.

After that is done, the label was then mocked up on the correct vitamin bottle to show the potential clients how it would look like once completed. This is done so when someone orders the bottle, Creek and Mill would also send them a .AI/.EPS/.PDF file of the label so that they (or their graphic designer) can design it and send it to the printer. In other words, another step that Creek and Mill completes for them so it’ll be a smoother process.

Social Media Graphics

A large amount of new clients comes from their social media channels as that is where they promote their new products, formulations, and client success stories. They would provide us a master file once a week on all the new things they are working on and what they would like to share, and in return we had to come up with social media graphics for that which includes Stories and Timeline posts.

Direct Mail

A lot of their clients become incredibly busy and often times forget to check the website or social media for the latest updates. While it won’t hurt them, it can definitely slow down their business progress as there might be new formulations, or trending ingredients that would benefit them greatly.

This is why we started to produce a direct mail piece for them on monthly basis. Each month a new direct mail piece would be created that would have “everything that happened in the past 30 days”. It’s a great mailer because it would keep the clients up to date with everything that is going on, and also give them insights of what is trending and what the future might hold.

That way they will never miss out on the opportunity when it presents itself. With this piece alone, they started to see a sales increase of 7%, which is very noticeable considering the direct mail piece costs them a fraction of that (that includes us designing it, and a printer printing them and mailing it out).

Going Forward

They have been with us through the thick and thin. We absolutely love having Creek and Mill as our client because not only we provide them value, but they also provide us with a lot of value in return. We are always up to date with the latest trends, vitamins, and label sizes. It helps us a lot when we have clients coming from them asking for our help with graphic design. This means that they trust us enough to refer us.

They are on their 29th month

At this point, we are very much on the same page when it comes to design. The communication is kept at a minimum because they know what we need from them, and we know what they require from us. This means that more time is spent designing, and less time is spent sending emails back and forth. Although, truth be told, at the very start we did go through a lot of emails. But hey! That is just part of the process.

“The best thing about having a Graphic Designer? Our promotions and marketing is inline with current events. Trending Hashtag? World Event? Big News? We can get a sell sheet for it within 24 hours, and our customers absolutely love it!”

Judy Nguyen

Brand Manager at Creek and Mill

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