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Our mindset is very simple, the more value we can bring to you and your company, the more successful you’ll be

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Our Business Is Based A On Blue Ocean Strategy Book

We focused right away on what are clients care about the most. They want it to be very affordable, however they also want great turnaround times, while keeping quality at high standards.

Our clients don’t really care if we have a physical office or a virtual office, as long as it’s done with quality. They also don’t care about having someone physically at the office on daily basis, as long as works get done.

With that in mind, we built up Alex Rescue to what it is today. A virtual graphic design company that helps vitamin (and health!) businesses with all their graphic design requests.

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Projects We’ve Completed

In other words, we have worked on absolutely everything


Clients We Helped

That consists of 32 different supplement industries around the world


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Is the minimum amount of caffeine each of us drink per day

We boost our clients to get more sales

Stop Spending Your Valuable Time Trying To Design Your Own Ads. Let Us Take Care Of It.

You started your business to work on it, not in it. Let us take care of your design needs.

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You Got To The Very Bottom Of The Last Page Of Our Website, And Still Not Convinced Enough?

100% Full-Refund Policy If Not Happy

You don’t need to give us an explanation or a reason behind why you’d like a refund. You can just say, “Hey, this is not for me, can I please get a refund” and we will refund you within 12 hours. We’re sure that you’ll do the same for your clients if they would ask.

Can You Afford $32/Day On Design?

You are running a business, dealing with clients, making phone calls, taking orders and making sure that your company is running like a well oiled machine. Do you have enough time in a day to also design your ads or do you have a spare $32 a day and let someone else do it?

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“It was an absolute pleasure to hire Alex from Alex Rescue. He pays attention to every detail of the graphic design process and went way above and beyond the requested tasks.”

Lillian (Lilly) Kaye

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