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#1: Testimonials

If you’re trying to help people feel safe buying from you, having other people say they loved what happened when they did so is a very powerful way to do so.

In dollars or cents or specific, measurable, tangible and concrete results . . . what are the best reported testimonies or case study results you’ve gotten from your clients or customers?

You need to be aggressive about tracking the awesome results people have gotten with your product or service!

#2: Host Beneficiary Relationships

One of the most important and smartest things you could ever do as a business owner is to figure out who already is in front of and has the trust of your perfect prospects. Then find a way to build a relationship with this person that allows you to be in front of these perfect prospects.

#3: Advertising

#4: Direct Access Communication – Email, Direct Mail, Text, Tele-Marketing, Seminars, Parties/Special Events, Webinars, etc.

Most people have no clue as to who the specific person they should be targeting is. If they do, they have no clue as to how to get in front of them. If they end up getting in front of them, they don’t know what to say to get them interested in what they have to say, to give them their email and to eventually buy one time and then buy over and over and over again.

First class direct access communication is all about having first gathered a list of your perfect prospects with a rented list or with a joint venture arrangement or advertising and then talking to them in a way that they respect and revere.

You’re doing this to convert your prospects in customers and clients and then you continue to communicate to them in ways that they respect and revere so that they buy more, and buy more, more often.

And do not discount the value of entertainment blended in with your marketing activities. You can entertain in your content but you can also host events for your customers that are half-brainstorming and learning and half-entertaining.

Tony Robbins has mastered this with his Platinum group that gathers in different places all over the world to talk about ways to enhance your ability to access your peak performance and they tie in doing fun stuff on the trip as a group like going to Carnivale in Rio or skiing in Aspen or floating down the canals in Venice, Italy.

One thing you’ve got to always be conscious of when marketing is thinking in terms of cost instead of thinking in terms of yield.

An example of where most people screw themselves when marketing online is only wanting to email because it’s cheaper to do that than it is to send a direct mail piece.

But they never consider the possibility of testing the direct mail and getting a tremendous R.O.I. on that action compared with only sending emails.

Return On Investment is the name of the game in business. Not, “What’s the cheapest thing I can do to put a sales message out there”.

#5: Your Unique Sales Position

This is about you being perceived by your perfect prospect to be one of the only viable

solutions to their problem.

If that doesn’t happen for them, you haven’t nailed your Unique Sales Position.

And this Unique Sales Position comes from the work you’ve done with being preeminent.

#6: Educating Your Prospects, Clients and Customers

Most people’s idea of educating your market means telling them you’ve got something you want them to buy.

Most people are relegating themselves to being no more than a ValPak advertisement that just tells people that they got something they want to sell and how much it is.

You want to take it upon yourself to take on the role of being advisor in all of your communication.

You can do this by sending people articles or reports that educate them on their problems and how to overcome them. You want to be filling in the gaps your market has in the purpose of making them the best possible buyers they can be.

Educating people empowers them to feel smart making buying decisions. It is in your best interest for your market to have certainty when it comes to them deciding whether to give you money or not.

One thing we used to do to educate people on what was possible with our teachings was send them an 8 pound book full of testimonials of people raving about what happened for them when they applied our strategies.

You want to be taking strategic actions that allow for people to come to the logical conclusion that if they had you on their team, they’d be a winner as well.

#7: Delivering Happiness

This is what the leader of the company Zappos, Tony Hsieh calls delivering better than expected service to his customers.

#8: Making Your Frequent Presence A Gift To Your Audience

You want to communicate to your prospects and customers often but make sure that when you do so, you follow our advice of, “Communicate with impact or don’t communicate at all.”

Make sure that even your marketing communication is valuable. If you don’t, you’ll definitely be seen as a “taker” – someone who your list believes just showing up to take money from them.

#9: Teach Yourself and Then Your Team To Cross-Sell and Upsell, Down Sell and Follow Up Sell

All the money is in the back end of your business. Most customers left to their own devices, don’t buy an adequate quality, quantity combinations often enough.

You need to get very proficient at showing people complementary ways to enhance what they’ve purchased from you with another product or service that you offer.

When you do this at the point of sale, you’re following in a proven process that retail stores have discovered adds 20, 30, 40% to their profit – just having stuff there in the check out aisle or on the counter for sale.

#10: Bundling Complementary Products And Services

This is where instead of upselling someone into other services, you just sell all then services and products together.

Smart vacation planners do this – they sell you a package that includes airfare, car rentals, tour guides, hotels, etc.

When you do something like this, you don’t have to supply all the services or products yourself – you can negotiate and partner up with providers that offer what would make the customer’s experience complete and give them a cut of the sale.

When you do this in a way that your perfect prospect believes to be very thoughtful, you can profit very handsomely.

#11: Charging More Thus Gaining More Margin

Many, many, many a business break throughs come when someone dares to test price and realize that they’ve been dramatically under-pricing their product or their service.

#12: Changing Position To Being Upscale

If you want an example of this, think Starbucks. They just came into a coffee shop industry that was dominated by a blue collar mentality and took things to the next level and raked in the billions!

Another idea to seriously consider is starting an upscale business to compete with your middle or low scale business. If you don’t do this, someone else will.

#13: Making Bigger Purchases Possible

Think Costco here.

For decades no one in the groceries business thought the general public would want to buy industrial-sized tubs of peanut butter and deli-sized bricks of cheese. They were dead wrong.

Costco and Sam’s Club came in and offered mega-sized packaging and the market LOVED them for doing so and now they consistently reward them with millions of dollars every year.

You want to look for ways that your client is being dis-serviced by not buying enough of what you sell and make more of it available to them.

#14: Put a Personal Touch On Your Communication

Reaching out with a personal call or a personal letter to your clients and customers can

have an awesome impact on them and how deep they fall in love with you.

If you do nothing more than reach out to the clients and customers on your list and four times a year engage with them on a meaningful plane relevant to their challenges or issues or successes you will gain a raving fan base of customers because no one else does that.

At minimum, you should be putting this practice into action with the 20% of your list that is bringing you 80% of your profit.

#15: Offer Preferential Treatment Events

One thing our clients have done with this tactic is offer “closed door sales” or parties or other special events only to their top clients and customers.

This could be something where you’ve giving them behind the scenes tours and introductions to other elite professionals in your niche or celebrities outside of it that you have access to or pay to show up.

About the author : Alex Rescue

Hi, my name is Alex and my team and I, are Virtual Graphic Designers from Toronto and GTA. We specialise in helping small businesses and entrepreneurs in Toronto with all their Graphic Design requests. If we are not designing something, we play board games. If aren’t playing board games, we are designing something.

About the author : Alex Rescue

Hi, my name is Alex and my team and I, are Virtual Graphic Designers from Toronto and GTA. We specialise in helping small businesses and entrepreneurs in Toronto with all their Graphic Design requests. If we are not designing something, we play board games. If aren’t playing board games, we are designing something.

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