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About Alex Rescue

This is NO B.S. monthly flat-rate Graphic Design service. We use our skills to help Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Marketing Managers, s and s that need Graphic Design.


Small Business Owners

We’ve worked with 33 different industries (so far!). Believe us when we tell you that unless you are breeding mongoose as a businesses, we have dealt with it, and can help you out.
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Marketing Managers

Marketing Manager? Oh, you mean the person who makes sure the company doesn’t burn down to the ground? Even on the weekends? We can help you out.
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The hustlers, the people who for some crazy reason decided to pick a 5-9 job, over a 9-5 job. The kings and queens who want to make it happen. We can help you.
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Digital Marketers

You take care of the SEO, PPC, CPV, and DRPs, and we’ll take care of your GD while listening to NWA. We can help you with all your campaigns that require graphic design.
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$499 / Month (CAD)

Imagine how much you can accomplish with a dedicated graphic designer who will work on all your projects for the next 30 days?

Our business model is extremely simple with NO B.S. attached to it. For $499 a month, you get access to a professional graphic designer who will work on all your graphic design requests. This means you’re allowed to ask as much as you’d like.

This is backed by our 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, which means that at any point during the first 30 days you are not happy with our service, we will give you a 100% refund within 12 hours, no questions asked.

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Our No B.S. Difference


Unlimited Requests

Imagine an All You Can Eat restaurant, where instead of unlimited deep-fried tempura, you can ask for unlimited graphic design requests. It’s like that.


Unlimited Revisions

Imagine swiping on Tinder until you find the perfect match. It’s like that, except we work on your design project until you are 100% happy with it.


Fast Turnaround

You know how Amazon has “Next Day Delivery” option, and sometimes you even get it the same day, and you are super happy? It’s like that with us.


Get Started In Minutes

No contracts, no auto-billing, no B.S. — You can literarily have a graphic designer working on all your projects within 5 minutes of contacting us. Yes, that fast!

E-mail Alex Directly

Spend time on expanding your business, on generating leads, and creating sales. Let us take care of your graphic design tasks.

Hiring a full-time graphic designer can take months! From job postings, to interviews, to contracts, it’s a headache. What about insurance, office space, and equipment? With us, we can get started on your projects within minutes!

E-mail me!

Our No B.S. Team Leads


Daisy Alma

Team Lead, Graphic Designer

If you are looking for a graphic designer with a personality, then you’re in luck, because she has multiple! Last time she was someone’s type she was donating blood. Her current relationship status is, “Made dinner for two. Ate both”, but she’s an awesome graphic designer, and we love her for that!


Perry Garza

Team Lead, Graphic Designer

Funny, charismatic, great athlete, these are some of the things that can’t be said about Perry. However, he’s a great graphic designer. Also, a little FF (Fun Fact): Perry means, “Someone who lives by a pear tree”. It’s a fun fact because he’s allergic to pears.


Sophia Baldwin

Team Lead, Graphic Designer

Graphic designer by day, doughnut connoisseur by night. Blueberry girl from Willy Wonka is her goal physique. Can start a fire with two sticks (and some matches). Never been addicted to crack. Overall, she’s a rebel, she sometimes washes her lights with darks.


Moe Silva

Team Lead, Graphic Designer

Don’t judge these asshole Team Leads by their bios. They wrote them for each other (mostly out of anger and tequila). We are actually really professional and do pretty good graphic design work. Send us an email and we can get started on your requests right away.

Get In Touch!

We are looking forward to be working together with you!

Whether you’re starting out on your businesses, or already had your business running for quite some time, we are here to help you with all your graphic designs requests and tasks that you have for us.


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